Dominic and Rachael Davis – SOLD OUT

This Concert was Saturday, December 30 2019

Rachael Davis has been singing on-stage since she was two years old. Being born to parents who never intended to keep her very far from music for very long seems to have made all the difference in the world. Before she could walk Rachael would be set in a car seat and placed in the middle of a song circle, and with silver bells on her ankles she would shake her feet to the rhythm. At one-and-a-half Rachael was singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to anyone who asked, and at two she started performing with her parents on stage. In September of 2001, Rachael moved to Boston and within the span of seven months was awarded a Boston Music Award for Best New Singer-Songwriter. Her influences range from the jazz stylings of Ella Fitzgerald to the soulful pop vocals of Patty Griffin — with many more in between. She is a contemporary songwriter but is equally at home singing anything from traditional ballads to Cole Porter to Joe Henry

Dominic John Davis Born and raised in Southwest Detroit, Dominic is a product of Motown’s rich musical history. Davis attended Detroit Public School’s Cass Technical High alongside historic bass alumni Ron Carter and Paul Chambers where he took up studies in the Upright Bass. Known for his tasteful playing, tone, and deep pocket, he is equal parts Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rock & Roll and Classic Blues. Styles that have all called Detroit home over the years.

A busy studio musician, Dominic has recorded with the likes of Wanda Jackson, Tom Jones, Jeff Daniels, Rachael Davis, Beck, Brittany Howard & The Secret Sisters but is best known for his work with Jack White & The Buzzards. Fluent on both electric & upright, Davis brought the stand-up bass back to the forefront of modern music with the help of The Super Bassman 300. “Tube amps are often overlooked when it comes to amplifying an upright bass,” says Davis. “All of that power and tube compression helps bring out the subtlety of a Doghouse. We’re seeing this new wave of tiny amps for the upright and it’s no wonder everyone has a problem with their stage sound. You’ve got to push air to make noise!”

Early 2012 found Davis rehearsing with Jack White for his upcoming Blunderbuss tour. When he heard The Super Bassman was in the works, he got his hands on one of the first amplifiers off of the line & hasn’t looked back. He’s currently working on a new record with Jack White and is an in-demand Nashville studio musician.

The WNMC House Concert Series was started in spring of 2014 with the intention of bringing fans and musicians together in an intimate setting where the focus is on the music.  Since it’s inception, The Crane Wives, Bossa Zuzu, The Accidentals, The Appleseed Collective, Laith Al-Saadi, Joe and Andy Wilson, The Jon Stickley Trio, and The Mike + Ruthy Band have graced the stage. 

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